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It is time to forget about waiting for deliveries perched up at the window, the long queues, wondering where your parcel might be, and concerns about whether it will be delivered safely. All your parcels are now in the safe care of Murathan JET, delivered to your designated address in the easiest and fastest manner. Regardless of whether you are the sender or recipient, you will receive your parcel at the door with one simple click.

Türkiye’nin ilk e-ticaret kargo işlemlerini yaparak E-ticaret sektörüne yeni bir soluk kazandıran Murathan Jet’in, motorlu kuryeleri ve araçlarıyla zamandan tasarruf edeceksiniz. Böylece ürünleriniz hem güvenle hem de tam zamanında yerine ulaşmış olacak.

Development is a never-ending process at Murathan Jet. Utilizing our state-of-the-art technology infrastructure, we continue to innovate and work very hard to realize these efforts to ensure sustainable customer satisfaction. Based on the theory that a good team and infrastructure are key to success, we aim to introduce a new perspective to cargo.

We have couriers and vehicles available in certain locations, which allows us to pick up your parcels(s) and deliver them to the destination of your choice as swiftly as possible. All you need to do thereafter is track the status of your delivery with a single click. Based on the time option selected, your parcel is delivered to the designated address on time.

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  • Why Choose Murathan JET? As our philosophy is based on speed, reliability and customer satisfaction, we offer you the highest quality service in terms of fast delivery. Thanks to our innovative practices, we send out the courier in the nearest location to you, and deliver your parcel in the safest and most reliable manner.
  • Don’t Waste Your Time!Time is the most important element of our age. We are aware of the rapid momentum e-trade is increasingly gaining in the evolving and developing world, and ensure that this development is transferred to humanity as professionally as possible.
  • Your Parcel is Safe with Murathan JET! Every parcel we receive for delivery is under our company’s guarantee. Your parcel is delivered to its designated destination in careful packaging and reliable transport service at the Murthan JET speed. We plan our course of work upon meticulous consideration of all and any questions you may have, such as, “Will my parcel arrive in one piece?”, “Will it reach safely and on time?”. We know well that the best way to accomplish a task depends on excellent analysis of customer expectations, and taking action accordingly.
Our Future Vision and E-Trade

Continuing to increase the number of e-business logistics services it offers, Murathan JET is further strengthening its delivery network daily. By providing a broad range of services in this field, we have succeeded to establish our company one of Turkey’s very few top courier brands. In order to meet the needs of increased e-business use during the coronavirus pandemic period, we joined brands’ e-business and logistics needs under a single roof.

Our multichannel e-business solutions cover all aspects of e-business storage services, ranging from receiving deliveries in bulk to the management of parcel deliveries for small orders. Additionally, our contract and leading logistics programs provide you access to all sorts of services to have you covered for any and every logistics service you may require.

As part of our future vision, we look forward to boosting our e-business logistics investments to a much higher level, with the objective to achieve a more comprehensive cooperation process with our customers.


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